Angels and Masters and Light Beings…Oh My!!


I want to share with you an amazing experience I was blessed to witness last week at a Spiritual Circle I held at my home.

Several wonderful people gathered with me in celebration of the life of a devoted local healer in our community who recently passed.  We created an altar in her memory and we each lit a candle for her in remembrance of the love and laughter she shared with each of us.  Also, we came together as a healing circle for another dear friend who was recently presented with a healing and learning opportunity upon discovering that she has cancer present in her body.

I was called to direct the circle in the spirit and energy of a Blessingway, a Native American ritual normally utilized for pregnant women to welcome in their new babies as well as the next phase of their lives.  To me, our dear friend, is in the midst of her own “re-birth” and instead of hiding behind a diagnosis, she was ready to announce to the world her intention.  You have to know something about our dear friend: she is very strong, has a heart of gold, and owns a sense of faith that can move mountains!  Not only that, but she also is loved beyond measure by our local community and also to all who know her.

The thought hit me about how situations like this were handled in the past.  And when I say “the past” I mean a long, long, time ago when we lived in close-knit villages and tribes.  Everyone knew one another and we all worked and played and laughed and loved and healed right alongside each other.  Each person knew their neighbor and all about their neighbor’s “koolaid,”  so to speak.   If someone in the tribe was in need, they were surrounded with the support of the people.  Likewise, if there was an incident to celebrate, each person gathered together to rejoice and honor the cause or person.

We have advanced so much as a civilization, and yet at times I ponder at how much we have digressed.  Our media states we should reach out to a pharmacy if we have a problem, or even worse, that reaching out in itself is a weakness and could result in being ridiculed or bullied.  I am the first to cheer for technology, for I am able to connect with so many wonderful people and have knowledge at the tap of a keystroke, BUT, there is only so much comfort one can gather from a text or an email.  The touch of a hand, the warmth of an embrace and the look of a smile can never be replaced.

My intention was to focus loving energy on our dear friend, and for her to feel the loving support of her friends.  I wanted her to know she was not alone, and never would be.  I wanted her to know that she could turn to any one of us for assistance with ANYTHING and I called in the loving support of the Angels to help out.

We formed a circle and began with a candle passed from person to person so they could put their “blessing intention” energy into it for our dear friend.  If they wished to speak aloud, they did, and if they wished to silently infuse the candle, they did.  Our dear friend, at the end of this ritual, also stated her own healing intention for herself and the candle was placed on an altar created for her.  People placed gifts on the altar for her; crystals, healing jewelry, oils, and such and a beautiful scarf was created to channel more love and healing into her body and spirit.

I began to channel a message from the Angels to further set the intention, and also to invite in more loving energy from the higher realms.  As all of us in attendance blended our energies and spirits together within the room, we focused on sending the energy to the healing table located in the center of the circle.  I was mesmerized by the colors and energy coming from the table.  It was like a dancing rainbow, or even more so what I would imagine a trip on LSD must look like.  The colors blended and meshed together flowing from one extreme to the next forming an incredible nest like environment in and around the table.  It was now time for our dear friend to lay upon the table and receive.

As each person was guided, they approached the table to lay hands upon our dear friend, and offer her love and healing.  Some rubbed her hands and feet, others were drawn to place their hands upon her heart.   I stood at her head for quite some time, guided to stroke her face and hair.  It was about honoring her spirit, her choices, and pumping as much love into each cell of her body that she would allow herself to receive.  I have no idea how long I stood there, nurturing our dear friend, but I can tell you that time felt as if it did not exist.  The messages given to her from others within our group, the laughter and giggles we shared as we worked with her, they all brought tears of love and joy to me.

There were about eighteen of us within the healing circle, so we took turns loving her.  We remained in circle at all times, keeping the energy high and sending love from where we were seated if we were not at the table.  As I went back to my chair, I looked around the room and beheld beauty I cannot possibly describe.  I will do my best in words, but I believe the chills running through my body and the tears of happiness shining in my eyes are better emotions to depict what I am recalling about that night.  I saw the higher selves of each person gathered in that room joined with the higher self of our dear friend.  I saw Angels and Masters working in the ethers above and alongside us.  I observed a portal form underneath the table and buckets and buckets of dark, black, dense energy leave our dear friend’s body.  Four light beings stood on either side of her, reaching into her belly and removing bits and pieces of darkness.  I felt the presence of Raphael, Michael, Mother Mary and Jophiel in the room.  Raphael floated above our dear friend, shining so much light into her it was almost blinding to me.  As those gathered around her continued to channel their love and healing, Arch Angel Michael whispered in my ear, “Do you see?  Do you see how this was handled?  Do you see her opening her heart and feeling the love from us all, from God within and God without.  This is how it has been and this is how it shall be if you choose.”

We then all gathered around the table with one hand covering our hearts, and one hand touching our dear friend.  We blasted her one more time with the love inside our hearts; the love we held for her and the love we held for Spirit.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been a good time if Michael had not prompted me to start us all singing a nice chorus of, “All You Need it Love.”

Our circle ended that night in laughter, in song, and in celebration.  Our dear friend is a shining example for all of us.  How easy it would be to crawl in bed and let a diagnosis dictate your actions.  We’ve all been “diagnosed” haven’t we?  Either we are a code on a doctor’s medical record, or a label in someone’s conversation.  I look at our dear friend and I see her courage to embrace the situation.  I see her strength grow each and every day as well as that amazing light within her.  Most of all, I see those walls she had built with self-doubt and blame crumbling down as she allows herself to receive the love we all have for her.

I diagnose that as a miracle.

Love & Laughter,




Angels, Demons, and Bongo Drums?

Angels, Demons and Bongo Drums?

Catchy title, huh?  Don’t worry; it will all make sense soon.

One of the many things I have discovered I am here to do this go round is clear negative energy from people, places, and spaces.  Sometimes that involves dealing with imprinted energy from illness or traumatic events and other times it necessitates me doing battle with negative entities, which some refer to as demons.

Now, the whole “demon” word really doesn’t sit well with me, but for lack of any other term I know, this word does describe those beings that choose to be from the dark side.  When I think of that word, I am reminded of those “B” movies on the thriller weekend TV channels I watched when I was a little kid.  Trust me; what I have confronted is nothing like what you’ve seen on TV!  There are no killer clowns, puppets or gremlins, although a few clients have had a close resemblance to Chucky.

How does a space become affected by negativity?  There are lots of reasons.  An aggressive occurrence, heated display of destructive emotions, or long term illness may have taken place.  Sometimes it can simply be energy attached to a visitor that stays long after the visitor has left.

Have you ever had a “Negative Nelly” or a “Debbie Downer” in your home?  After they’ve left have things seemed a little off?  Or how about the relative you know has an addiction problem or is incredibly depressed?  When you are in the same room with them, do you feel uneasy?

Everything is energy.  Negative or positive, we are all energetic beings and just like magnets, we pick up and are drawn to certain experiences, be they good or bad.

A few years back, my son, Adam, complained of not being able to sleep because he kept seeing a man staring at him in the doorway of his bedroom.  My oldest daughter, whose bedroom was right across from his, was also experiencing strange noises and uneasy feelings.

After tapping into the energy of my house, I determined that there was a portal open in my daughter’s room that was allowing an opening for some not so nice spirits to pass through.  The kids were affected by these entities because of their abilities to sense and see spirits.

As a mom, my instinct is to kick out the bastards that are bothering my babies.  And really, who needs any more negativity affecting a teenager?  Isn’t high school enough?  Should my daughter have to deal with demonic forces as well?  Trust me; dealing with her mom is enough trouble!

The spiritual side of me had to take a step back though, because if I were to deal with negativity with a negative attitude, guess what I would create?  You guessed it…more negativity!  When I clear a space, I have to make sure I am at my peak of positive energy.  I connect to my higher self and ask for assistance from the Angels and my guides.  Sometimes I am drawn to channel an advanced being, depending on the circumstance.  Most of all, I choose to focus on the light.  With this particular clearing, the message, “Make it fun” kept coming through loud and clear.

I asked a dear friend of mine, who also clears houses, to come over and help me, as well as I was guided to ask Adam, then five years old, to assist.  My guidance was telling me to let Adam direct the process and to go with the flow.  So, essentially, all those guidelines and bylaws I’d pulled out of my bag of tricks in the past flew right out the window (or should I say portal?).

My friend, Adam and I gathered in the room which I considered to be the heart of my home.  We held hands and said a prayer of intention and called in the Angels as we brought in more light to raise the vibration of the house.  Then, without even being prompted, Adam got to work.

Adam is unique, to say the least.  This child has the ability to see into other realms, look into your soul and watch the Disney Channel or play Xbox all at the same time.  His sensitivity is deeper and stronger than anyone I’ve come into contact with, and I know we’ve shared many lifetimes working and serving God together.  There was also another lifetime he told me about when he was two, where he chased me on horseback and shot me when I had all those feathers in my hair.  He can remember and explain moments when he was on the other side, witnessing the births of his older sisters, as well as tell me about being inside my tummy when he was a baby.  The wisdom that comes from his mouth absolutely floors me and in more ways than one, he is my greatest teacher.

Adam began instructing my friend and me to align crystals in a certain pattern along the floor.  He said this would turn the Earth on.  As I listened, I could see the gridlines in the Earth rise above the floor in a hologram.  We placed my large amethyst geode at the beginning of the line of crystals, while Adam sat at the other end, and my friend and I lay down on either side of the crystal pattern.  Adam said this would balance things out and then asked my friend to say a prayer and me to sing.  I could sense all this was to open more light into the space, and just when I thought we were complete in that room, Adam exclaimed, “No, I forgot one more thing!”

He rushed back to his bedroom and returned holding his bongo drums.  My friend and I exploded in laughter, but were quickly directed to be quiet and return to our spots on the floor.  Adam replied, “I have to drum out the beat.  I have to activate the crystals.”

Activate?  Where on Earth did he learn that word?  He’s five freaking years old for goodness sake!   All these questions raced through my mind as I lay down, next to a line of crystals, on the floor of my living room, listening to my son thump out a rhythm I’d never heard before on his bongo drums.  Just as my ego had me doubting my senses, and my mind was praying my husband didn’t come home early from work and walk in on all this, I began to feel the ground vibrate beneath me.  It was a buzzing a vibration I could feel through my whole body.  As it began, the vibration seemed to increase with every drum beat.  After a few moments of complete bliss, I was brought back to reality by Adam telling us we were done with this part now.

Man, just when I was getting my groove on, too!

We walked down the hallway to the bedroom where the portal was located.  I had an uneasy feeling, and I could see the same response in my friend and my son.  Adam turned to me and said, “The big one is still in there.  The other ones left, but the big one wants to stay.”

Chills ran up and down my back and the hair on my neck stood straight up.  The three of us went outside to get out of the energy as it began affecting us physically.  The mom in me kicked in hard, and I did not want Adam in the energy of the entity that was trying to protect the portal.  I asked my friend to stay with Adam and reentered the house.

I brought in all the light I could possibly hold and radiated it through the entire house.  I approached the room and saw the portal along with the demonic entity guarding the opening.  I raised my hands to shine the light inside the room to alter the energy so that I could enter.  This only enraged the entity further and as I looked at it I could feel an imprint of vibration I recognized from long ago.  His core energy had an Egyptian resonance, and not in a good way.

My guide, the Goddess, Sashet, was near and our energies merged together.  Ancient words were spoken and as each syllable fell from my mouth, the entity became smaller and smaller, until he disintegrated completely.  I then walked into the room, closed the portal opening, and was drawn to inscribe a star like symbol over the closure.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering what type of earth altering drug was I smoking, or how often do I speak ancient Egyptian (by the way, it was the banishment charm which sends energies back to where they first originated, in case you were wondering).  Maybe you are even wondering how I could possibly allow my child to participate in a clearing.

I’ve asked myself all those things.  My logical side is just as strong as my spiritual side and it is something I struggle to balance on a daily basis.  But when I turn off that logical side, and I am in the moment, great things happen.  All the Shamanic teachings come forth and life makes sense.  There are no questions, just actions and reactions.

When Adam came back into the house after I closed the portal, he told me the Angels were singing.  I heard them before he told me.  He said the house was clear and that evening he and his sister slept through the night without any problems.

Why should I question feelings that others don’t speak about, even when my own children confirm them?  Maybe the answer to that lies in the Bongo Drums.

I had no idea Adam was going to use those drums, or know anything about activating the crystals.  When he brought those drums out, I could easily have doubted him and lowered his confidence by questioning his intuition.  Instead, I chose to trust.

And I, in turn, was gifted with a most magical experience, bongo drums and all.

Trust in your intuition.  It will take you further than you could ever imagine.

Drumming happily,