Parenting the Intuitive Child

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Parenting the Intuitive Child

Last night I gave a lecture on Parenting the Intuitive Child at Spirit Within U here in Las Vegas.  Many parents and children were in attendance, and there were many who could not be there that wanted a recap of the evening.  Within this post you will find my lecture notes and later on today I hope to get the audio of the evening’s event posted online.  When I do, I will post the link here.

I can’t begin to explain the energy in the room or the magic that was created last night.  The excitement of parents and children coming together to learn was amazing.  Little ones from age three on up to young adults aged 18 and 19 were in the room all gathered for one purpose: to gain further understanding.

A five year old boy asked a question about a little girl he kept seeing in his house.  He wanted to know if she needed help and why.  He told me her name was, “Shiny” and that she’d been burnt in a fire.  The boy felt she needed help, but wasn’t sure what to do.  It literally brought tears to my eyes as I tapped into the energy he was experiencing as well as the plight of the little girl.  I explained to the boy that the little girl was frightened and confused.  When the fire happened in her house, she was afraid of the flames and the light and heat they gave off.  She became trapped and died there.  As the tunnel of light came down for her to cross over, she mistakenly thought that it was more light and flames from the fire and ran away, not knowing that this was a way home to the other side.  I walked the young boy through calling in Arch Angel Gabriel to help the little girl cross.  What a brave boy to ask such a question in a room of about 40 other strangers.  Such a bright light!

A ten year old girl wanted to know how to discern between “good” spirits and “bad” spirits.  I asked her how the apparition made her feel, letting her know that if she ever feels threatened or scared, she has the power to command any spirit to leave.  This beautiful young lady stayed for at least an hour after the lecture connecting with other children.  She came running up to me thrilled that she had met another telepath and told me she’d given him a past life reading and how they recognized each other.  At ten years old!!!!  WOW!

Many questions were asked from the audience, but even more questions came after the lecture.  One young woman had a dark attachment, another young man could not shut off the voices of spirits, a family had a dark energy in there home that waking there three boys, and a grandmother was awakened at night by the spirits of her deceased husband and friend.  They all wanted clarity and understanding.  They wanted answers.  They wanted solutions.

This is real, people.  This is how we begin.  You want the world to change?  These children are the a huge part of that shift towards making this planet a better place.  Let us empower them.  They have much to teach us.

My lecture notes follow.

Angel Blessings,



What constitutes an Intuitive Child?

 There are many categories and definitions of “special children” in our society.  First came the Indigos, followed by the Crystals, then the Rainbows and now the Human Angels.  I could spend eons of time delving into the characteristics of each presumed label, but I prefer not to label children.  Instead, I prefer to recognize their strengths and empower them to utilize their gifts rather than confine them to a definition that society may place upon them.

 Intuition is derived by many different ways.  If your child seems to feel things on a deep level, they may also feel the emotions and energy of others, they are most likely an empath.  To see things outwardly, like energy and spirit forms as well as images from another’s memory, is to be clairvoyant.  If you hear things, spirit messages and energetic information, this is called clairaudience.  To feel and receive information about others through your primary senses is to be clairsentient.  To have clear knowing, where you just know something, like the thoughts pops into your head, is to be claircognizant.

 Is everyone intuitive?

Yes, we all have these abilities.  Children have very strong gifts because they come into this world wide open – their senses are heightened and they have no experience of people teaching them anything otherwise.

With the changes in energy most recently in December of 2012 all of these abilities have been heightened.

What makes me an expert on this subject?

I began seeing spirits at the foot of my bed when I was three years old.  No one believed me.  They told me it was my imagination.  I was scolded and punished for “lying” about things and making them up.

By the time I was five, I was telling people I was sure I would die of fright by having a heart attack.  I was afraid of the dark, would wet my bed at night because the ghosts were making contact – some of them being not so nice and downright tormented me.

My siblings would tease me, even hide under my bed and pull at my ankles when I would get up in the morning.  I developed anxiety which later on turned into an eating disorder.

People didn’t understand me.  I still had friends, but when I would tell them something they’d said that I shouldn’t know about, it freaked them out.  I was the one that was always chosen to lead a séance or play light as a feather at slumber parties because everyone knew I could get them to the point of being scared out of their minds.

I desperately wanted to just shut off my abilities.  They frightened me.  My family didn’t believe me.  The few people I met in school that did seem to understand were not positive.  They taught me of the dark side of psychic ability – of manipulation, spell casting with intent to control, and of connecting to dark energies.

This actually manifested into physical dis-ease and I began passing out at school, repeatedly.  As I look back now, I find it as my saving grace, a gift from the angels.  By being removed from the situation, I was able to create distance and break contact with the individuals who I allowed to influence me.

Had I had a mentor in my life then, I know things would have been different.  I know I wouldn’t have begun drinking at a young age to numb out.  I know I wouldn’t have taken on an eating disorder to try my best to have some sense of control in my life.  I always felt that everything from the outside was controlling me, including my abilities.

I’ve worked many years assisting children.  I have three kids of my own; have been the room-mom, Girl Scout Leader, soccer mom, PTA board member, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve seen kids that are so wide open to the rest of the world they experience sensory overload and act out because of it.

My intention in teaching children and parents is to empower them.  It is to teach them tools and skills to strengthen their abilities and to live in balance with them.

My intention here tonight is also to create a sense of community.  I want kids to know they are not alone, that there are many others out there just like them.  I want parents to know that they also can form a support system.  It takes a village, doesn’t it?  Let us form that support system here and now.

Through amazing teachers in my life, I’ve been able to fully invest in my gifts without fear, and use them to be of service.  I want to pay that forward.  There is no reason a child has to suffer like I did.

The path of a sensitive child

It’s tough enough when you’re growing up with all the pressures that are present: fitting in, building a positive self-esteem, learning new things.  When you’re sensitive on top of all of it, it compounds the process.  Imagine being in a room full of other hormonal teens, and feeling all their stuff on top of your own.  Not so easy and extremely overwhelming.

 I have found that sensitive kids walk a fine line.  Some seek out being perfect in everything they do, while others act out because they do not understand what they’re feeling and sensing.  It’s not something they can just turn off.

 Allow me to demonstrate that for you.  Close your eyes.  I’m going to ask you to stop hearing the words I speak.  Are you ready?  1-2-3…can you still hear me?  Right, you can.  Intuition is just like any of your other five senses.  It is a part of you.  You can cover your ears, even put earphones on to block out my voice.  But that’s only going to last for a little while.

 Sensitive children who are not shown ways to focus their energies and gifts sometimes seek out alternative ways to “block out the noise.”  I’ve witnessed many a gifted child resort to cutting, drug use or complete withdrawal as a result of wanting to escape from things they do not understand.  This leads to many problems and deep pain for the child and the entire family.

 I convey this to you, not to strike fear into your heart, but just to pass along my knowledge.  It is time these children learn that who they are and what they can do is NORMAL.  It is not something to hide or to be ashamed about.  If someone makes fun of them or shuns them in any way, it is simply because they are coming from a place of inadequate information.  Perhaps one day, long ago, someone they loved and trusted told them they were bad for using their gifts, and that is all they know.

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Take Two Crystals, and Call Me in the Morning….

My son, Adam, administering a Rock Treatment at the Heal-a-Thon in 2010.  He was five years old.

Most recently, my husband, daughter and I were having lunch and the subject of my son, Adam came into conversation.  Adam had been coming in to my bedroom late at night having difficulty sleeping and we were discussing reasons why this was happening.  My daughter began to tease my husband, telling him he was too rough on Adam, and I agreed, asking Tim to let up on our son.  And to this he replied, “Yeah.  Adam comes in our room with a sore throat.  I tell him to get a drink.  You give him two crystals, do some reiki, take him through a guided meditation and clear him with the Angels.”

Oh, how I wish I could’ve captured the look on the woman’s face sitting in the booth across  from us!

My daughter and I began laughing hysterically to which my husband added his snickering and snorts.  It wasn’t quite as funny though  when later that evening, seven-year old Adam appeared at the side of my bed at 11pm, complaining of a tummy ache.  Tim rolled over away from us, burying his head in the pillows laughing and wondering which “woo-woo” cure Mommy would come up with this time.

I am reminded of stories from my father of how his mother would cure him when he was ill.  There was castor oil, hot onion and mustard seed packs, and bundling up to sweat out toxins and break fevers.  And the best thing was…it worked!  Once again, technology is great as is the scientific advancement of medications that can cure us, but what is the best remedy for our bodies?

When my grandfather was a small boy, he and his brother were playing outside while his mother did the laundry.  This was a long time ago, and doing the wash was not a simple task.  There was a large, roaring fire inside a fire pit with an enormous pot of boiling water and lye soap inside where the clothing was placed and stirred.  Little boys being who they are, my grandfather and his brother raced around outside and did not heed the warning of their mother to stay away from the fire pit.  My grandfather stumbled over some rocks and fell into the fire.  He was about three or four years old and as my great-grandmother pulled him from the flames she could see the blisters beginning to swell on a large portion of his body.

There was no phone to call 9-1-1.  The nearest neighbor was miles away and it was not even certain that the town doctor was in town that day, if they could hitch a wagon and drive there in time.  My great-grandmother summoned all her knowledge and strength and did what her instinct told her to do, she laid hands on her son.  Now to some, this would seem far-fetched and ridiculous.  To my great-grandmother, this is how she was taught to heal from her mother, and her mother’s mother, and so on.  This was what the wise ones practiced in their tribes.  It was much more than a gift or an ability.  It was faith.  It was belief.

She held her son in her lap and began to pull the heat from his body.  As she pulled the heat, she could see the blisters growing smaller.  Her son’s cries became quieter.  When she felt it was time, she stopped the healing treatment and made a poultice of herbs for his body.  Great Grandmother was wonderful at concocting remedies; salves, tonics, and all the rest.  She had a keen sense of what assisted the body to be in balance.

My grandfather healed completely.  He did have some fear of fires, and did not chase around them any more, but most remarkably was left without even the slightest scar.  How could this be?  Was it a miracle?  Was it God working through my Great Grandmother?  Did Great Spirit and her ancestors assist her in healing her son?  Was her faith and belief so strong, that it erased any sign of dis-ease and dis-stress from his body?

I will let you draw your own conclusions to those questions.  It is my belief that it was a combination of ALL those things.  And maybe, just maybe, it was also because my great grandmother didn’t grow up having someone tell her that it would NOT work.

This story has been passed down through my family for generations.  My great grandmother was Native American and my great-grandfather was white.  They were both shunned for marrying outside their race, and it was most difficult for Great Grandmother as she was not accepted in the white community, nor were her healing ways.  News of what happened to her son traveled through their neighborhood and not long after, people from town began showing up at the back door of her home, not wanting to be seen visiting.  She would invite them into the root cellar and whip up one of her delightful creations or lay hands upon them, which became referred to as “talking the fire out of them.”  Funny how when the doctor’s tactics in treatment did not work, those in need sought her out even after they had rejected her for being different.

Before Adam was two years old, we were outside one evening and he pointed to the sky during a full moon, and said, “My Moon” over and over with a huge grin spread across his chubby little cheeks.  We hadn’t taught him that word, just as we hadn’t explained to him about energy and how all things carry their own vibration. During this time frame, my oldest daughter, Ashley, was about eleven years old when she took her entire rock collection and spread it across our dining room table.  She has always loved rocks and crystals and found that she could communicate with them.  Her affinity with their energy allowed her to choose rocks that were most suited for certain healing as well as emotional and spiritual support.  Adam toddled over to crawl up in a chair close to the table and I watched him pick up several different rocks.  He would put each one next to his ear and then make a whirring kind of noise.  Sometimes the sound was high-pitched, sometimes low.  The noises ranged from quiet to loud and slow to fast, some even appeared to have a rhythm.  Ashley was beaming as she explained to me that he was hearing the vibration of each rock and mimicking the sound.  She began to ask him which rocks were the strongest, and which were best for this and that.  At one point she asked him who the “teacher rock” was and he took a minute, surveying the many crystals and rocks laid out, and picked it up and began to make a very loud, deep toning sound.

Great Grandma would be so proud….

My children are my greatest teachers.  They remind me to be “open” to new things, whether that means rock treatments, an awesome new hairdo or the latest Spiderman Xbox game.

What basic teachings and techniques do we close ourselves off to?  We live in a fast paced, drive thru, take a pill for it society where we want things NOW.  The funny part of all that is we have everything available to us NOW, we just can’t always see it or remember to connect with it.  Remembering what worked before in the past is not to go backwards.  It is to harness that power and energy and bring it forth into our new vibration, making it more useful and stronger than ever before.

What are you willing to do that is outside your comfort zone right now?  Explore!  Treat the experience like an adventure.  After all, life is an adventure, isn’t it?

Gotta run now.  I’ve got a rock treatment waiting…

Love & Laughter,



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