Why Isn’t it Easy to be Your own Cheerleader?

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Why Isn’t it Easy to be Your own Cheerleader?

We’ve ALL been there…self criticism, lack of trust, poor self-image, beating ourselves up inside…the patterns can seemingly be endless and unwavering.  Yet, if we happen to see someone else we know doing the same thing, we rush over and deny all of their supposed short comings and remind them how wonderful they are.  Haven’t you experienced this?  Your friend or family member starts on their list of why they are stupid, ugly, unlucky, too poor, too fat, unlovable and you see anything BUT all those horrible things they proclaim.

So why is it then, that we appear to have blinders on when it comes to seeing our own truth and indeed our own greatness?  What is it about our human mind, ego or spirit that causes us to look for the negative within self first instead of seeing the goodness?

I’ve pondered this question over and over, throughout many meditations, therapy sessions, seminars and sleepless nights.  The subject has appeared to have power over me, and yet instinctively I know, that if I believe in any falsehoods about myself it is still my choice – no one is controlling me or my thoughts to belittle myself.  That’s all me.

So why do it?  What purpose does it serve?  It definitely is NOT a motivator.  If I were to stare into a mirror and constantly repeat, “I’m so ugly,” over and over and over again, it certainly doesn’t make me feel any better about myself and I wouldn’t be rushing out to make any changes to my appearance.

What if self-doubt is all part of this game, this experience of being a spirit within a human form?  What if the big lesson is that we have the chance, and in fact the divine assignment, to realize we ARE more than enough?  That we are, in fact, God/Goddess within a physical form?

Hmmmmm…..let that sink in a moment.

Why let our society set the standard of what is beautiful?  Successful?  Religious?  Abundant?  If you feel the push or the urge to better yourself because YOU want to, that is a wonderful thing to be commended.  But if you are spending your time and effort to become something because you think that is what is expected, I would urge you to find a dear friend and confide in them your thoughts.  Ask for their honest opinion.  I bet you will find it differs from your own.

This path to ascension that everyone talks about has many steps and many pathways, yet the goal is the same: to move upwards to a higher vibration and understanding.  I believe that a major part of that is realizing and accepting that spark of God within us.  And not just accepting it, but letting it shine for the rest of the world to see!

The next time you hear that negative self talk in your head telling you that you can’t or that you are undeserving, STOP.  Be your own cheerleader.  Think of your best friend telling you the same scenario and then think of how you would respond.  Would you be critical? Would you point out all their downfalls?  Or would you be compassionate?  Supportive?  Understanding?

Just as we are here to understand that there is more to life than just a physical form, there is also more to life that our limiting views we place upon ourselves.  There is so much to be experienced as we recognize the God/Goddess energy within us all.  It isn’t about looking like a person on the cover of a magazine or having the most money in the bank.  It’s about owning our light and our perfection just the way we are.

Think about it….would you ever see Buddha in a gym working on losing weight or bulking up those muscles?  OR how bout Jesus trying to increase his bank account?  Mother Teresa getting some work done?

I’m guessing, no, you would not.  Unless of course, that’s what they really wanted for themselves.

Cheer on, cheerleaders.  You are MORE THAN worthy of all life’s opportunities and blessings.


Email from the Other Side of the Veil? Yep…Shocked Me Too.

Email from the Other Side of the Veil


I awoke yesterday morning fairly early, a short time after 5am.  As I lay in bed trying my best to get in another hour of sleep, my mind began to race from one subject to the next.  I began to think of a dear friend who had passed and about family and relationships.  Soon it was 6:30am and I decided to just get up and get some work done.  I went into my office and sat at the computer, checking my email.  Suddenly my mouth dropped open as I read the incoming mail log.  One email was addressed from the friend I had been thinking about!


I began to freak out!


How could this happen?  This had to be a glitch in some system somewhere!  This kind of “thing” doesn’t REALLY take place.   What the freaky Friday was exactly going on here?


Funny, I can see and sense Angels, Demons, Spirits, auras and energy.  I’ve witnessed possessions, miracles, objects moving across rooms and tables and souls crossing over.  Those things don’t freak me out.


But VEIL EMAIL sure does!!!


The email didn’t go into some lengthy explanation of life on the other side, or warn me of impending doom.  It was simply a quote about life, laughter and family and one that really hit me deep in my heart.  It resonated to everything I had been thinking of that morning.  And when I looked at the time of the email, it was the exact minute I had looked at my clock when I woke up.  Even with all these confirmation, or “coincidences” I STILL began to doubt my intuitive vibe that knew this was a communication from my friend.


I am a firm believer in what I do and what I see.  I have no doubt that the energies I come into contact with are real.  There have been times in my life when I have struggled with the drive to find physical proof of the paranormal and spiritual experiences I have.  The need to show others I am not imagining things has been strong within me for a long part of my life.  As I have grown spiritually, I have come to the acceptance of who I am and feel comfortable speaking my truth.  It is the subject of incredible rounds of laughter by my guides as I now doubted the physical proof that was shown right in front of my eyes.


As I asked them, “How could this happen?” I heard the reply, “How could it not?”  They began to explain that I knew the veil was thinning.  I was aware of the communication possibilities with electronics, etc.  AND, as they readily pointed out to me, I already connect with my friend on a spirit level.  So what was the big deal?


I wish I was the type of person who could agree and go on pleasantly about my day, but you guessed it…I’m not!  I sat with the words from my guides and wondered why my first reaction was doubt.  Why wasn’t I excited to receive such a gift as that email?   This led to my logical mind picking apart the self-doubt I held onto about other areas of my life.  The headache started from all the pressures of the emotions and thoughts bouncing around in my mind.  I decided to channel a message, asking the Angels to shine some light on all this for me.  The following is the message that came through:


Doubt of Self
Channeled Message

“Dear Ones,


Why is it that you doubt so very much?  What purpose does this serve?  We watch you insistently, over and over, doubting yourselves; your actions, your reactions, your thoughts, your beliefs…even the very things that are directly in front of you.  Can you see how much of your energy is entangled in the negative vibration of doubting self?


When you first come into this world as the purest light, you occupy your infant physical form.  A baby knows no doubt.  They cry when there is a need to be met and the child fully and completely expects this need to be satisfied.  Can you imagine a baby in contemplation, wondering whether or not they should ask for nourishment or to be held?  Of course not!  They believe and expect that their requirements for a happy life will be filled.  Quite the concept!


Doubt is a learned concept that children are taught and that energy grows and deepens into adulthood.  There is a large difference between making mistakes and accepting responsibility for one’s actions and self-doubt.  So much effort has been impressed upon you to apply analysis and logic to each situation that many times your core instincts take a back seat to the diagnostic mind.


And have you realized yet, Dear Ones, that human logic cannot be applied in every experience?  A plus B equals C, except when it doesn’t.


As vibration and frequency continue to change, so does the evolvement of science and spirit.  Science may accelerate and advance far beyond what we’ve ever dreamed.  But the core of spirituality remains the same, and remains forever constant.  You ARE a spark of God created in God’s likeness and vibration.  You ARE deserving of all that is good and right.  You ARE a being of light and wondrous soul experiencing life as a human.


God’s power does not get stronger as the frequencies change.  God is still the same as God was since the creation of time.  Your soul is much the same.  You are still the same soul you were billions of years ago.  Your power has not changed.  Your soul is vibrant and strong.  It is your choice to choose to experience it as such.


If you all began to tap completely into the energy of your souls think of the amazing things you could manifest and accomplish!  To instinctually live within your spirit is to not only abolish the concept of doubt, but also it is to create heaven upon your Earth.


Miracles are not fairy tales, Dear Ones.  They are not cast upon the most deserving by the hands of benevolent masters in the skies.  Miracles are man-made because you make them so.”


I’m feeling much better now.


I hope you are too!


Love & Laughter,



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