How Do You Find an “Ethical” Healer?

 How Do You Find an “Ethical” Healer?

Each day, billions of us seek out healing.  Healing comes in many forms.  It can be in the form of a therapist, a dentist, a doctor, a chiropractor, a psychic, a medium, an energy worker, a shaman, and the list continues on.  How do you know who to trust?  How can you find a healer who is ethical?

My definition of ethical healer relates to someone who is in integrity, has respect for their client or patient, does not over step personal boundaries, is honest and who puts the person they are caring for first and foremost.  An ethical healer has no personal agenda when it comes to those they are providing service.

When we seek healing, in whatever form that may be, we are in a vulnerable state.  No one goes in to the doctor or their shrink when they’re having a good day.  And no one seeks out energy work or spiritual advice unless they’re in a state of questioning or imbalance.  It can be difficult to make good judgment when our minds or bodies are in chaos.  So how then do we find practitioners that are in alignment with our needs?

First, ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS.  Ask around for personal recommendations from those you trust.  Next, DO SOME RESEARCH.  Look online.  How do you feel when you see their photo on social media, their webpage?  Are there any reviews of them and what do they say?  Finally, DO A GUT CHECK.  Center yourself and ask – is this the right healer for me?  What do you feel from that question? If at any time during this process you catch a bad vibe – move on.  Look for someone else.  If all feels good, reach out to that healer and make contact.  Interview them by phone or in person, explaining what services you’re looking for.  Notice their reactions, their energy and how they connect with you.  If this feels right, then proceed and make an appointment.

Seems like a lot work, right?  Trust me, this is better time spent on the forefront than trying to rectify damage caused by someone of ill intent.  Remember, you are worth spending that time to find someone who has your best interests in mind.

As in all professions in existence, there are those who practice with good and with bad intentions. And if a doctor is in error, he can be reported to the state medical board and have his license revoked.  If a psychiatrist puts the moves on a patient, they can be reported as well.  These medical healers have rules and regulations they are sworn to follow and if they do not, they are not legally allowed to practice.  But what rules do spiritual healers have to follow?  What governing board holds them to a certain standard?

There is one Universal law that all spiritual healers should follow and that is, “Always respect and never impede upon a person’s free will.” What that means, is that a spiritual healer should never take advantage of their client – energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Never cause harm is another highly understood unwritten law as well, and yet there are those who profess to be “healers” who still inflict this negativity.

It’s important to understand that YOU are in the driver’s seat and in control during every healing session.  If something is happening that you don’t like or trust – stop the session.  That can be hard to understand if you’re just opening up to your spirituality and don’t have an awareness of what goes on during a session.  So let’s talk about what happens during healing sessions for further information.

I’ve had the extreme blessing of experiencing many forms and modalities of spiritual healing: Native American, Egyptian, Brazilian, Reiki, Huna, Pleadian, Tantra, Yoga, Regression, Crystal Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, NLP, Massage, Theta, Chelation, Santeria, VooDoo, Angel Therapy, Amanae, Sound Therapy and various forms of Shamanics from all over the world (its awesome to have friends and soul family from lots of different cultures).  One thing is common in all of the ethical treatments I’ve received – the practitioner makes the client feel comfortable, safe and always respects their boundaries.  The facilitator will check in throughout the session to make sure the client is okay and they always remind the client that if anything happens they are not comfortable with that the session will stop.  This puts the client at ease.  A good practitioner will explain to the client the process of what will happen during a session.  If hands on healing is involved, they will ask permission before placing hands on the client.  There should NEVER be any sexual touching whatsoever, unless that is the type of therapy you are seeking, and even in those instances, permission is ALWAYS asked before touch is given.  Some modalities require objects to be placed on the skin for healing, and again, with those instances, the healer should ask permission and let the client know ahead of time.

If I am administering an energy work session and I sense blockages or issues in the area of the sexual organs I will place my hand in the client’s energy field well above the body to help remove the block and send healing.  Energy can be transferred without touch, and again, it is most important to make the client comfortable or else they cannot receive the healing.

Your personal boundaries and safety are what is most important.  If you’re laying on a treatment table and all of the sudden you feel like your safety is in jeopardy – GET UP AND LEAVE.  Don’t feel bad, don’t worry about hurting the healer’s feelings.  It’s never supposed to be about them anyway – your healing is about YOU.  For some people this is a concept that is easily understood, but for others, especially those in extreme vulnerability, the lines are blurred.  All they can think about is getting better and if you’re not used to the process of energy work or healing sessions, you may be lead to believe that this is part of it.


Unfortunately, I was one of those people who lacked awareness and who simply wanted the pain to stop and so I gave my power and my trust to a healer who abused me.  I witness countless clients who have been in similar situations like I have been and it sickens me to my core.  There are millions of healers out there, myself included, that are not held to any standard of care other than our own personal integrity, committment, intention and karma.  There are too many modalities in existence to create any type of umbrella legislature to abide by.  That’s why its important to do your due diligence in research before seeking treatment.

The wounds that can be caused by ill intent are not easily healed.  Learn from my experience and the countless experiences of others who have been wounded.  Trust your instincts.  If something feels wrong, it is.


The Search for Truth, Proof and Pudding…

The PROOF is in the PUDDING.  Well, the first time I heard that saying, I went running for the fridge, threw open the door in wild abandon, grabbed my favorite chocolate jello pudding cup, and rushed to eat each bite.  But there was no toy inside, like the ones that came in my Frosted Flakes cereal.  What the heck was this “proof” the grownups were talking about?

I can’t begin to count how many times in my life someone has come to me and said, “Prove it!” In my life, work and belief system this happens quite frequently.  Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t exactly share my views on speaking to the dead, connecting with Angels, or reading energy.

Bummer.  They really don’t know what they are missing out on.

That saying, “The proof is in the pudding,” essentially means, that to full understand (test) something, you have to experience it yourself.  It’s so interesting to me, how people on the constant search for truth (or proving everyone else wrong) very rarely put themselves in the position to be open to the experience.  But when they do, amazing things can happen.

I am reminded of a man I met at an expo a few years back.  He would come into the room where I was giving Angel readings, look at the booth, walk back and forth and leave, only to come back fifteen to twenty minutes later and repeat the same process.  When I was not with a client, I finally asked the man if I could help him.  He began telling me how he though this reading stuff was all “Hooey” and he couldn’t believe that people actually were interested.  He started to ask me questions, “Do you believe in God while you’re doing this?  Are you connecting with the Devil?  How do you get your information?” and my most favorite, “What proof do you have that what you are doing works?”

With a smile on my face, I answered all his questions.  I explained to him that I do not read minds, although being a mom and wife I really wish I could, and that I connect with the Angels and Guides that present themselves for information.  So far as proof, I had many written testimonials present that he had read. but I also added that if he really wanted to know about any kind of proof, he should experience it himself.

The man pondered this for a few minutes.  I was waiting for him to leave the booth, when he sat down beside me and said, “Okay.  I’ll do it, but only a short one of those reading things.”

I touched his hands to connect with his energy and sensed a deep fear and frustration.  This man had become resentful and skeptical of life, looking for the negatives so that he could concentrate his energy in that flow.  I began to tell him what I was picking up on about his health, his personality, and his work.  The timer rang at the end of our ten minute session, but I was drawn to continue.  I was able to connect with the energy of his heart and all his goodness and changed things to a positive perspective he had not thought of in some time.  He began to weep.  Our short session lasted more than forty minutes and ended with a heartfelt hug.

The man went back into the main area of the expo.  Soon there was a long line at my booth, a result of this man sharing his experience with the rest of the crowd.  My skeptic became my biggest cheerleader!  And not because of me, but because he was willing to be open to the reading and his own realizations.

What if I had just blown him off when he began asking me all those questions?  We both would not have learned a very important lesson.  I learned to strive to see God’s light in everyone, no matter their attitude.  When you connect with another person’s heart, it is an amazing miracle and exchange of energy.

We are constantly on the search for proof and truth.  That’s the fun of being human though, right?  IF something doesn’t fit, we find something else that does.


I wanted to share some “proof” with you in a few videos I received from a dear friend.  These videos were taken on Christmas of  last year with a cell phone.

Angel at Christmas  In this video, you will see a light being to the right of the picture.  This figure was not seen while the video was being filmed.  Look at the reflection in the mirror as it appears there as well.

Angel at Christmas 2 This is a video taken moments later.  See how the dog, Nacho, is looking at the figure and is no longer interested in play time.


What are your thoughts on these videos?  I would love to hear your point of view.


Love & Laughter,