Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Perfection. (A Channeled Message by Arch Angel Jophiel)

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Infinite Possibilities.   Infinite Perfection.

(channeled January 12, 2015)


Dear Ones,

Again, it is my distinct pleasure and honor to be with you all this evening, to feel your hearts, to be in the presence of such power, such beauty, and such spirit.  It is a playground, if you will, to me, to see the joy, the peace and the love and the light that exists within you all.

For you are BRAVE, Dear Ones. You are courageous.  You are one of the few in an infinite amount of souls on the other side who said yes, I volunteer to be human.  I volunteer to come down to a place, a plane, this Earth,  where things are dense and I will fit into this vehicle called a physical self and I will forget about home.  I will allow a veil to be placed over my eyes and over my heart.  And I will learn the duality of good and evil.  I will learn the duality of love and hate.

But I will still choose LOVE.

And through choosing LOVE I will recognize my own light.  As I vibrate at that frequency of light that veil will begin to thin.  I will remember home.  I will remember the soul and the strength that I am.  I will remember my truth no matter who tries to dim my light.  No matter who tries to tell me otherwise.

There are many trials and tribulations going on in your world now, going on all around you.   And it is time, Dear Ones, for you to truly see your light and embrace it. So much fear is present in your world right now.  There are those who are evil who are pushing the boundaries and limits of fear for this is what feeds them.  This is what makes them feel powerful.  And they will try to distract you.  They will try to displace your focus and your concern.

Let me tell you Dear Ones, evil does not care what color you are, what religion you are, what your gender, your faith or your sexual preference is.  Evil affects all if we allow it.

Dear Ones, where these is light there can be no darkness.

Do not feed into the fear of those who want power and control.  See them for what they are. Band together as the Lightworkers that you are and create waves of light within this Earth plane and indeed within the universe.  This battle has been going on for eons of time especially since the creation of planet Earth itself.  Time and time again Lightworkers have won and continue to win.  Light Warriors stand up tall against the darkness.  I say these things to heed you, to give you warning.  It is not to place fear within you, but to let you know your strength, and your power and your greatness.  It is time to OWN that greatness, Dear Ones.  It is time to take the leap of faith.  Time to stand within that joy.  To stand within the love that you were created in. To know that you are worthy.  This is your birthright, Dear Ones; to live in a world of harmony and peace and joy; to be safe; to not feel threatened as you walk down a street or worry about where you may travel to.

 You, yourselves, with your minds, and with your hearts can create a world of harmony.  For as you shine your light brightly, as you believe in your light, as you embrace your truth and your soul, you illuminate the path for other souls themselves.

Imagine if you will, someone close to you being in a state of fear, and you illuminating your light so brightly that they remember their own.  It is like a wildfire sparking and continuing on. You are fanning a flame so that others may remember their own truth and their own light.

These children that are upon this planet right now, they are old souls.  Some call them crystalline, some call them indigo, some call them rainbow.  These are Light Warriors, Dear Ones.  Light Warriors who have been around since time began.  They have been illuminating their light.  They have been shining brightly so that others recognize and connect to their own spiritual truths, their own core essence of the soul they are.  These children are here for reasons.  Deep seeded reasons.  If you think of the story of Lemurian crystals and how the people of Lemuria planted these seed crystals all over your planet to be found again, so records and  memories and that history can be rediscovered – I tell you these children carry this same philosophy, have that same essence, that same meaning and reason for being here.

They are activators.  For when you connect with these children, they cause you to remember WHO you are.  They activate the vibration of home within you.  You see their strength.  You see their wisdom.  And you want more of that.  You want to see that within yourself.  They mirror that vibration back to you, so you not only remember the childlike innocence, and playfulness and joy that is truly inside of you, but you remember the light of Home and you recognize it inside of yourself.

Treat these children well, Dear Ones.  For those that are labeled autistic and ADHD are some of the most dimensionally connected humans upon your planet.

It is so important to bond together and release the judgment that you have, not only for others but most definitely about yourselves.  There is a standard in which you criticize yourselves.  When you belittle yourself, or when you compare your successes, or your failures, or your appearance, or your health, or your finances to someone else you are pulling your energy down.  That is not a way to raise your vibration.

If you think of yourself as the God-Self that you are, would God criticize you?  Would Mother/Father God come and tell you that your body is anything less than perfection?  You ARE perfection, Dear Ones, absolutely.  You have a beauty that exceeds any words that I could ever come up with.  That beauty is not just within your physicality, it is within your light, your heart, compassion, your understanding, the way that you treat your fellow man.  THAT is LOVE.  THAT is NOT belittling.  That beauty is not pulling away from your self-esteem or your self-worth.

I would urge each of you to allow yourselves to feel whatever feelings you are encountering at this time.  If that is sadness, allow yourself to cry.  Release it.  Let it go.  If you are grieving, if you are angry, if you are happy, if you are joyful – allow that emotion to express within your physical self.  So much illness is present because those emotions are stuffed into a container somewhere within your physical self.  This manifests as DIS-ease and imbalance within your body.  Wherever these is dis-ease and imbalance your energetic patterning and energetic field cannot flow, cannot flow correctly.  Think of a river that runs very clear, and very fast and circulates. When you cast doubt upon yourself, when you allow this dis-ease or imbalance to manifest within the physical, you create a dam within this river.  Blocks are created within your physical and energetic system that may create a backache, a headache, an earache or even things like cancer, seizures and other diseases within your body – they all have an emotional connection, an energetic connection and a spiritual connection.

It is important to realize when you get an ache or a pain within your body to connect with your heart, Dear Ones.  Ask your heart, why is this happening?  What emotion is this tied to?  Think about where you were when you first started feeling the discomfort.  What was the incident right before the pain came on?  Obviously, sometimes accidents happen and cannot always be avoided.  But the majority of the time, the dis-ease and imbalance within your body has an emotional and energetic connection.

I urge you to work at keeping your systems clear and grounded.  The more that you can do this, the more light you hold within yourself and the more light you anchor here upon this planet.

Together we can shine so brightly.  So brightly.

It was always the intention, as souls first came to this planet, to create Heaven, Home, here on Earth.  There have been times when we have achieved that vibration on this planet.  It is possible once again.  It is possible within your lifetime.  Anything is possible, Dear Ones, if you set your mind, your heart and your soul to achieve it.


Always Remember to Share Your Blankie…

I didn’t intend on getting sick and I sure did not intend on spending my morning in Urgent Care, but alas this is what happened so I did my best to roll with the punches (and trust me I feel like I’ve been beat up big time).   After spending a good part of yesterday figuring out if I had been “approved” for our new insurance, I was up early calling the company to find a walk in clinic where I could be examined.  My family has been passing a bug/flu/cold back and forth for over six weeks now, and I am on my second round of it.  This time the pressure in my lungs and my cough was too much for all my home remedies to kick, so I knew it was time to check in with an MD.

Surprisingly, the Urgent Care I went to was also a Pediatric Clinic, so there were lots of little ones when I arrived this morning.  I was sitting in my chair, filling out the barrage of paperwork, when a nine year old boy came in with his father.  You could tell the boy was not feeling well, as he was curled up in his chair, leaning on his dad.  A girl, who looked about seven years old sat a few rows away watching him.  Within about five minutes of him arriving, this little girl walked over with her blanket that she had around herself and asked the boy, “Would you like my cover?”  She was there to be examined as well, but saw the state of this boy and offered up her comfort to him.  It was so beautiful to watch as he accepted her offer and managed to crack a small smile in the process.

Later I was called back to the exam room and given a breathing test.  My lungs were at 65% capacity – huge shock to me, but explained all the pressure I’d been feeling.  I was upset at this finding, but settled in as the breathing treatments began.  A small boy, about 10 months old was being looked at two rooms away.  He started screaming a blood curdling scream that made my head pound all the more.  My first thoughts were, “Oh great…on top of all this I am going to have to listen to this kid for the next few hours.”  Not very positive, I know, and now I feel horrid for it.  As moments went by, there was a stillness in the exam room.  My guide appeared and said, “Don’t you think he feels bad about this too?”

With those words I was shown a previous life time where this boy had been tortured – held down by arms and legs and cut into.  It was awful!  He was reverting back to these memories ALONG with the trauma of being in a strange place and having lights placed over him and being poked and prodded.  My heart went out to this little guy, and I began to send love his way and kept reaffirming, “this is now, it is not then,” over and over and over again.  With the help of the Angels I worked to put gentles colors around him and send him visions of being cuddled up with his Mommy, resting peacefully.  It took a short while, but he calmed down.

Was I at the right place at the right time?  Of course I was!  I needed to learn to think beyond my own misery.  These children taught me the simplest yet most powerful lessons of being human; sometimes it takes listening to find out what the answer really is, whether that is listening to another’s cries, their body language, or listening to your own body when it is telling you to REST.  And now, that’s what I will be doing – RESTING.

Always remember to share your blankie!!












Love & Laughter,